Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'd rather not say if that's okay

One of my friends made a comment last week that I wanted to address but haven't had a chance to yet. You'll recall a while ago I commented on the local federal candidates and their thoughts of the York Street station.
My good friend noted that it appeared that I was expressing support a particular way. This was not to be the case and I did not intend it.
You see, as a municipally elected individual I feel this is a dangerous thing.
If I do support one party over another I should not broadcast it.
Municipally we are not officially affiliated with any party.
If I have a sign on my lawn for a candidate I risk alienating village residents that don't feel the same way. I also risk losing their support when the next municipal elections come around.
So I prefer not to broadcast my leanings.
I do recommend that we elect one of the candidates that has publicly announced their support for the restoration of the York Street Station.

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Saying this also runs the risk of alienating my potential supporters but I'm willing to take this risk.
Surely everyone who knows me or knows of me knows where my heart lies.

I want to say something here that is not saying I support or do not support anyone.
Let's just consider it passing on advice once given to me by a man than I consider a wonderful person and friend. I had not lived here very long when Les Hull was Fredericton mayor or an MLA but I think he has enough experience to qualify for giving advice.
When I was not elected to Council in 2004 I wasn't too happy about it as you could guess.
I was introduced to Les by my Uncle Richard who was in town. We were at Mazuccas on a Saturday morning so I had time to chat and get to know Les.
He told me that the most important thing of every campaign is to get out there and pound the pavement to go to every single house.
This spring I did that. I went to every house in New Maryland.
And I was elected too.
So, in our house we have received the Liberal, Conservative and Green party fliers. I don't know which were hand delivered and which arrived as a mass mailing.
Either way this indicates an interest that the candidates appear to have taken with my personal home. Perhaps it was the candidates themselves who dropped them off or perhaps it was a volunteer.
No matter.
To date I have not seen a single trace of the NDP candidate Jesse Travis or Canadian Action Party candidate Ben Kelly.
It would be my recommendation to these lads to spend less time getting your volunteers putting up signs (the Liberals and Conservatives have that contest locked up) and get yourself and every volunteer knocking on doors everywhere!
This would only help since these lads are with struggling parties anyway.
Am I wrong?
Let's see on October 14th.
Another word on my support as evidenced by my public profile.
If you get a chance have a look at my Facebook friends. I have people from everywhere as my friends. For example, Ken Dryden is there as is fellow Liberal Kelly Lamrock. But then I have MLA Carl Urquart and party leadership hopeful Dave Alward from the Conservatives. If you see my photos I have pictures with New Brunswick Liberals Premiere Shawn Graham and MLA Rick Miles but just this weekend met Canadian Minister of Defense Peter MacKay at St. Johns airport and took a nice photo with him. In fact, my good friend Brian works for Mr. MacKay and was picking him up at the Halifax airport that day.
There are no NDPs or Green or Canadian Action Party folks but I don't know any yet. If any request friend status I will give it.
Facebook knows no borders or colours and as a municipal elected official I'm not broadcasting any either.

Take Care,

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