Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yes, I'm a little busy these days.

I did say that this was likely not going to be a daily thing so I will miss some here and there.
I have about 10 minutes though and would like to mention the visit yesterday with Mr. Harper at Fredericton airport.
It turned out that I missed Mr. Dion's arrival by a few minutes at the same airport. That was too bad. I would like to have met him too.
I'm not sure if the NDP or Green leaders dropped in but I didn't hear of it so I never met them.
I did see Jack Layton and his wife Olivia once in Toronto years ago when they were both on City Council.
I never did like him too much then but he may have changed.
As for the Green Party leader there is no way we could ever see her out here in the Maritimes since she does all of her travel by train.
We don't have any trains out here anymore!
I'll make this quick. I waited with all of the others to see Mr. Harper.
We waited a long time really. If there were small kids there they would have gone crazy. As it was there were only a few.
When he did arrive Mr. Ashfield introduced him, he gave a nice pep talk for the troops and said how important it is that we get people out to vote (I know about that).
A few of the local media folks were there except for Charles it turns out was swimming in a pool of Liberal red this day.
There were a monster horde of media who came off of the jet with Mr. Harper and set up very quickly.
They had started in Prince Edward Island that morning and were skipping their way to Calgary.
In the end we waited for Mr. Harper to talk to his local boys like a coach in between periods.
Then we all got to wave goodbye and see he and his wife off.
Oh yes, I got 2 pictures of myself with him.
I held my camera up and snapped.
I wasn't the only one taking shots of me.
I found out that it was on the National last night as well as page A7 of the Globe and Mail today, PLUS here on the internet.

I guess they like me, they really like me.
I have to go but we'll see how Steve does tonight.
I can call him Steve. We put our arms around each other like old buddies after all.


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