Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Take a number and wait your turn please...

I can honestly say that I knew all along that Keith Ashfield was going to win in the Fredericton riding.
I didn't get a chance to meet his opponents but from what I could see I never felt that they would be able match the hard work and dedication that Keith has always shown since I have known him.
Several years ago I was the Home and School president at the kid's school.
There were a few occasions that we needed some help and guidance in dealing with the system, preferably by someone within that system.
Following a phone call or two Keith would be there to meet us within a day or two and help us out.
I never forgot that.
This isn't to say that the other candidates wouldn't do the same thing under the same circumstances.
It's just that Keith has already had the opportunity to show us.
If Keith did that for our little Home and School I am certain that he did it everywhere else in his riding as an MLA.
These little things mean a lot. He didn't even know that he was campaigning for his future MP bid but he did the right thing because he wanted to.
I always felt that he took it personally and dealt with people's concerns the way he would want his dealt with.
It seems to have worked out quite well for him.
I wonder what's in store for our provincial riding now that Keith is gone?
Well, for the last little while we have seen the signs for Conservative candidate Jack Carr and Liberal candidate Debbie McCann in New Maryland.
It may have been confusing for some amid the sea of signs for the federal election.
From what I understand the NDP and Green parties have yet to announce candidates. I'm expecting this to be pretty interesting and a tad bit exciting.
You see, Jack Carr has a twin brother Jody who is already a Conservative MLA for Oromocto-Gagetown. If Jack wins there will be twin brothers serving in the legislature which I believe will be historical in North America. (I suppose my twin sons will have to be second if Jack wins.)
Wouldn't it have been something to talk about if Jack and Jody were in DIFFERENT parties? Imagine the discussions over dinner at family gatherings!
I expect we will all be meeting these candidates soon if we haven't already as the byelection is November 3rd.
Actually, I met up with both Jack and Jody last night.
I knew where the best party in the city was going to be so I showed up at the Fredericton Inn where Mr. Ashfield had rented out the ballroom to celebrate his victory and watch results on the big screen.

Me Surrounded by the Carr Boys

I was the only Councillor from New Maryland there. This surprised me considering all of the good work Keith has done for our village.
I was happy to see Fredericton Councillors Tony Whalen, Stephen Chase and my young pal Jordan Graham there.

It was fun but I had to leave around midnight to get some sleep.

Future Premiere - Jordan Graham (center), Deputy of Whatever Jordan Wants me to be - Me (right), and The Guy Who Actually Gets Us There (Really!) - Mike Stockford (left)

In case you're wondering about the title of this blog I was wondering what exactly happens with those folks who have been MPs or MLAs for several years and suddenly lose their position?
Do they have to go down to the Unemployment Office like the rest of us?
That would be depressing having to write your previous occupation as "previously elected representative of the people who, it turns out, didn't like me as much as they first thought they did".
Does the Prime Minister sign their separation forms?
That would be a real pain if their family members require dental work or their kids need braces and they lose their benefits.
Does the RCMP stand over them as they clean out their desks?
I hope they make sure to check that all of the office supplies are still there.
"Excuse me, could you please put down that pencil? It's company property, not yours!"

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