Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Perfect City

If I could afford to live in this town, I would live in this town.
I am in Vancouver right now and got here on Thursday night.
Today I skipped out of the afternoon of talking and speeches and boring things and rented a bike.
My hotel is right beside Stanley Park.
I rode around the Beach wall trail.
And the trees were huge!
The best thing of all is that as I was about to fall asleep a few minutes ago I heard a train!
Loud and clear and in no danger of being ripped up from the landscape.
I just wanted to say that before bed.
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1 comment:

Cave Dave said...

I lived in Vancouver for 8 years and can attest to it's charms. I rode my bike through Stanley Park's temperate rain forest, around the seawall and never tired of it. Everyone falls for least until they spend a winter there and endure 2 straight weeks of drizzle and gray skies. Still, it's a great place to live.