Friday, October 10, 2008

What is really important? That's easy, Rock and Roll and Politics. In that order.

This one is going to be a little different. It's about politicians and rock stars.
It's nothing personal against the wonderful politicians that I have met and know but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for rock and roll.
I am also of the opinion that the two do not mix well. (I appreciate what you do for those less fortunate Bono, but leave the political dealings for someone without sunglasses on all of the time.)
Okay, I will start with the political thing.
The other day we had an all candidates debate in Fredericton. Unfortunately I missed it but it was very well covered by the media, especially blogger Charles LeBlanc who took plenty of photographs and some videos of interviews with some of the candidates.
Check this out
Of particular interest is the video of Charles' interview with Conservative Keith Ashfield.
The other day CBC radio host Terry Seguin tried to nail Keith down as to his position on abortion.
Keith answered by not really answering. He drew considerable criticism for this. Many said that the voters have a right to know the candidates' position on this if they want to be truly represented.
There were varying opinions that day from every direction.
Following the all candidates meeting Charles hit Keith straight between the eyes with the big question.
This time Keith's reply was worthy of political admiration.
He replied that his party is clear on the topic and that the Prime Minister will not re-open legislation on the abortion debate.
Charles asked if the voters had a right to know. Mr. Ashfield replied that if elected his duty is to represent the citizens and make decisions based on their input.
His personal opinion stays personal and does not direct his actions.
Does he support gay rights? Keith replied that he does since they have been addressed by the courts and the decisions implemented.

He's good!

Speaking of good. Let's talk about Rock and Roll.
On Canada Day my family went down to Officer's Square in Fredericton to see the fireworks.
We arrived about 15 minutes before they were to start.
Over by the barracks building a stage was set up for musical acts all day.
As we were walking by toward the firework area I heard the band that was playing.
As I listened I thought "these guys are good!"
They had a hard rock, slightly "Our Lady Peace" sound which I love so much. My little drummer guy and I decided to watch the band while the rest of the crew found a spot to watch the fireworks.
I REALLY liked their music.
The lad wanted to get closer to see the drummer since he sounded so incredible.
As we tried to get closer the music ended.
I grabbed the monkey and we headed toward the back of the stage to at least see the drum kit.
I was thinking we could get the drummer's autograph or something.
When we got close the drummer turned around.
"Pat!" I said. "Hey, how's it going?" he replied.
You see, my drummer monkey has been taking lessons for a couple of years now from local drummer extraordinare Al Hovey.
Until recently the lessons were at a spot called Musiplex which houses lessons, shows and sales.
Whenever we were waiting for his lesson to start or if I was waiting for it to finish I sat around waiting.
The other drumming teacher was Pat Pelltier.
Pat would often come out and we would chat as he had a smoke or waited for his next student to arrive.
He's a very nice guy and certainly didn't act like someone on the verge of getting a big break.
So it turns out that Pat is the drummer for Age of Daze and I like them a lot.
Last night the band kicked off a nationwide tour here in their hometown of Fredericton.
They also debuted their first professional music video for "Afflicted".
Yesterday I decided that my sons and I were going to see our first rock concert together. I realize we saw Blue Man Group but that was different.
This was Rock!
What an amazing show it was! The lads and I had a great time and the music was outstanding.
I tell you to keep an eye on this band. I have high expectations and feel quite confident that they will not disappoint.
Oh, Pat did a 7 minute solo that brought down the house.
I wish Age of Daze the best of luck on their tour.
When they get back we will be seeing them again.

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Keith was a little under the weather so I left him alone.

He's a nice guy.

Might get him again if he's elected as MP???